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About Me

Me. In Pandemy. In my favourit beige body. Body, which i have nowhere to wear yet. With makeup only for the photo as source for the illustrating. With the earring I wear anywhere else just not at home.With an Ikea mirror bought straight before pandemy store closing. I compare myself to other women and I know that they compare themselves to me. I draw them. Women shy, brave, cheeky, sarcastic, overworked, disgusted, perverted. Even the phlegmatic ones with a clear view, relaxed. I draw women with the behavior of men. I draw the female world and things that are not said out loud. Because it's not appropriate, because it's not expected of women. Ugly truth. But I will never forget to draw them an  eyeline, erase wrinkles and give styling from fashion editorials. And all the other women on paper have a piece of me.

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